My name is Esther Wangu Gathambo. Most people call me Esther or Gathambo (my dads name) but I like the sound of Wangu. Funny, in Swahili it means ‘mine’ and in my native language it means ‘firewood’. I still don’t get why I was named after firewood but something about wood sounds so strong :D. But thing is am a sensitive mini adult and definitely not your typical African girl.

I smile a lot, lets not even get to the laughter. I hate small talk. I think its superficial. Wanna interest me? Lets go deep and then
you can tell me your fears, maybe what makes you tick or well, what keeps you up at night (coffee maybe?☕Or mosquitos??)

I love house, EDM and anything chill and laidback. AM all about the PLUR Culture.
Small moments make me tick and am not laughing as I write this. All time goal is to leave a mark on this earth for inspiring as many humans to be their truer selves and to appreciate other humans for who they really are. I embrace the African spirit with the aim of spreading a thing or two about my cultures as well as learning about other cultures.

I like understanding why people do
what they do, I believe if you understand why people do what they do, its easier to cancel out various stereotypes and that leads to deeper connections. This ultimately creates peace.

Am a Kenyan at heart but a citizen of the world. I enjoy working out and putting on baggy clothes afterwards haha. This African Girl is not just about me but for those free spirited individuals out there who love unraveling the mysteries of life and creating order in a broken world.

Am happy to share this journey with you and I hope that you walk away or walk on something here!

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