Long time

Started out as a fairytale
Locked in prisimes
Presides of beautiful images
They could have said ‘I do’
In the distant dreams of many
But it was all self proclaimed

If I, a third party meddled
My heart would have concurred
We could say it was a Cycle
A reflection of the subliminals
Ones we closely chose to ignore
A battle of wits
A battle of who wins
A battle of who pays
A battle of who walks away first

And many days
She packed her belongings
Off she fled to her safe place
She called once or twice crying
I warned her
Told her to run
She confided
Said that she would move
Instead, I was told to run
Only, a day after
I was the one haunting the bubble
For the sinner had repented
And as always i was a shadow in their way

The tongue of a liar
Twisting what he saw
Through a foggy eye
Perhaps a dirty lens
One that has haunted him
For years
Since he walked out and died years later

We could start the blame game
Or ask why
What was he thinking?
To pick a knife
And use it
Ending it
In bars
One not likable in this earth
Or the next

And perhaps it might end there
But No
The sinner is repenting again
He wants to be released from the web
The same web he created

This love
So strong and so easy
Yet as a mother
Only she can release this chains
Or not
But is her love that weak?
To let it all go away

My heart says
She will cry again
Because the tongue of a liar
Repentant for a minute
Sinner, shortly in yet another
This time, it might end in life
Atleast, so I think

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