Be Nice!

Loving in general and being nice is sometimes viewed as a weakness and I have heard that one too many times than I could want to hear.

Don’t be too nice or don’t love too much. Be nice in certain situations and avoid others if you can.

To be honest I believe in Karma, I believe that whatever you put out, the universe gives back and sometimes even in more generous ways.

And if you are constantly rude, mean and causing trouble in peoples lives or even being filthy to nature, life gives that back generously, sometimes tragically.

The universe pays back in subtle and unimaginable ways.

I have seen good in my life but I have also seen bad. I’d say I have also seen more good when I was genuinely good to other people, nature and universe in general.

I have seen love out there. I will give you an example. I landed in Beijing (on my way to New Zealand ) and the minute I landed problems came running, my bags were overweight so I had to pay extra or remove some things, also I had a flight through Australia and apparently  I needed a transit visa (things I could have controlled before but realised too late ) but anyway that meant that I’d either stay in China, apply for the Chinese visa and Australia visa and that meant more time and more money, which I didn’t have.

I was stranded to say the least, I felt so alone in that airport, in fact I have never felt so alone in my life. The WiFi wasn’t working so I couldn’t call my parents and even if I called, they would have to sell their only car to pay for the direct flight to New Zealand which was the only option i had.

Luckily, this couple saw me (guy from Ghana and the wife was from Russia) athe the time, I was trying to throw away some of my items to one of the dustbins that one of the attendants of the airline I had booked with had given me.

Remember, my bags were overweight and the only option was to throw things away rather than pay 300$ more for the overweight. This was before they gave me the bad news that I needed a transit visa to the great Aussie

I think when they saw me on that floor they were moved, I was looking all stressed and my bags open and the dustbin sitting there filled with my things and the guy was like, where are you from? Why are you on the floor and throwing your items away? He then told me to give him my address, he got some paper bags from a shop nearby and he put the things inside. He was gonna ship them to me.

So when I got the other news about the transit visa they hadn’t left, so he realised there was another problem and that’s when I told them what had happened, they tried looking for solutions with the airline but they were not so helpful, so we looked for other airlines and found one and the wife paid for my direct flight from Beijing to Auckland, it was around 1500 USD and the flight was leaving in three hours.

So we checked in (turns out i didn’t need to remove anything from my bags as the weight was okay for this airline) and all and we said our goodbyes. They took all my burdens aso if they were their own.

FYI i was in that airport for eight hours before they arrived (so much more to the story)

I still talk to the guy and he even told me to always see him as a big brother, by the way when I boarded this couple and their child had their business class seats mixed up so they requested if I could upgrade to their seats haha. First time travelling business class.

But anyway I could go on and on, I have to say the kindness and the love I saw on that airport still moves me till today. Am still shaken by the experience. I didn’t mention some things coz they still bother me but I choose to see love beyond all that happened in that airport.

I choose to love and to be kind because THIS fulfills my innermost beings and am at peace when I feel like I can look inside of me and see love and still look outside and see love.

Let me know your thoughts on this, has being nice made your life better or worse?

Has any of it been fulfilling?

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