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On Friendships Part 1


This article is dedicated to everyone out there who has friends that they cherish and those stuck in friendships that don’t help you grow or are too dependent on this friendships because they define who you are as a person.

Friendship is good, most keep you sane but sometimes we are too dependent on friendships even when they are hindering us from growing and from becoming who we really are.

And some of this friendships are just there to tie you to old patterns, same old mediocre lifestyles and sometimes you lose who you really are because who you are is defined by the friendships to the point where you cannot do anything unless the friend/friends approve.

And sometimes the mind tells you that you belong to those bonds, and you cannot go outside of the mind because you already believe it, if you get what I mean.

I am here to tell you that it is okay to outgrow friendships, it’s okay to move on and to go where you thrive most.

It’s not okay to be in a place where you are forcing things to work out and slowly losing yourself.

I have met a lot of people in my life, but I have also let go of so many people and I was hated for it, in fact some of them still resent me to this today but I was not thriving and mostly because I was hanging out with people who did not really understand me as a person,  my goals, potential and how my mind operates.

And am not saying that you should walk away from those friendships that help you grow,  in fact it’s OK to cherish people when you can, there are those friendships that push you to grow even with the change in seasons.

I am trying to say that we should build friendships from a place of impermanence,  you are free to make friends but don’t see this friendships as permanent because life is constantly changing and you outgrow some friends. The good thing with coming from this place of impermanence is that it’s easy to let go, and if you love yourself it’s even easier because you know that you are here to better yourself and sometimes even the friends you are outgrowing benefit from that.

And it’s OK to walk away without apologies, you don’t owe anyone anything but you owe it to yourself to be your best version and if you are stuck because of your environment  (in this case friendships) then it is time to leave and fight for you and it’s okay if you get don’t find friends that bring out the best in you immediately,  it takes time and you attract who you are, so they will come around.

It’s interesting because when you open your heart and mind , the world becomes so much bigger, and you realize that there is so much more for everyone out there. There is so much room to learn, unlearn,  to grow and to outgrow.

Life is constantly changing and you are too, embrace the changes with love, go where you thrive most.

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  1. Olupot Joseph says

    Great article on friendships, indeed it brings the saying of show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Thank you

    1. This African Girl says

      ☺ Thank you

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