Healing, but Deeply

On self-love

I dislike the simplicity of the words ‘go love yourself’. It’s as if you just have to snap out of the self-hate in seconds and your life will magically fall together beautifully. Don’t get me wrong, self-love is possible but there are wounds that go deeper than ‘a simple I love you’ healing them, especially childhood wounds or traumas. I have listened to too many talks on self love and though most have good tips, i find meditation to be the most effective. It has helped me immensely in healing those inner wounds as I experienced a bit of childhood trauma. If you can, meditate as many times, until you are sure that you are completely healed. I still doubt myself here and there but I catch myself more often. If your case of lack of self love is due to childhood trauma look for meditation that can heal your inner child. That first love is a very essential ingredient in self love and if your parents or caregivers couldn’t give you that, reconnect with your inner child for healing. Having studied Psychology, I know first hand that all problems we experience especially when it comes to behaviour and emotions is a reflection of our childhood or deeper experiences that we cannot explain in words. Therefore, finding solutions for such problems involves digging deeper and finding the root cause of all our sadness, loneliness,blame, anger etc. Dig deeper and you will find the root to your lack of self love and hopefully with time, you will find yourself and you will love every piece of you slowly but gradually.

  1. Francis ngigi says

    Mambo wangu…you actually assist alot of hopeless youths who go through your articles continue with the good job you doing….MAY THE MOST HI JAH GUIDE YOU…..KHADIMA….

    1. This African Girl says

      Thank you, wish you all the best.

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