I want to have it all

I want to have it all. Peace of mind, career success, money, love and happiness.
I want fly, jump, rejoice even when life shoves all kinds of trials.

I want to be an inspiration to my family, to my friends, to people looking for love and hope. I want to tell them that it’s OK to have it all. 
Sometimes doubt will flood but even when that happens that they will still find the joy and serenity in every situation. To step in the waters as though no one is looking.

I want to shout or scream as though I will lose my voice tomorrow.

To laugh and to love with all the might I got.

To trust that the creator has a divine purpose in every situation.

I wish I could say that my year was easy. In fact, some days i’d never want to wake up and I have to say it took alot to come to this place.
Life shoved so much on my way and i wasnt sure whether i was scared of death or how uncertain life is. I feel positive now and i have come to a place where i told myself to be thankful because I was being prepared for this. This moment right here. To come to this point where I declare that i deserve it all.

It does not end there.

I want to be in a place where my mind doesn’t limit me to do things, I want to be in a place where I won’t think twice about doing something new just because my mind gets all kinds of scenarios about how things cannot work out.

I want to go to the gym, eat well, but I also want to sleep all day when things weigh me down.

I want to take life slow, to breathe in this little moments, to smile at the sound of the wind, the slow turn of leaves, to listen to the little cries of babies, to smile at new strangers, to speak to someone new everyday, learn something from them, to help the beggar on the street, to greet my worst enemy. To live as if I have nothing to lose.

I want to run and I want to go slow. I want to love, love with no expectations.

I want to be loved purely. I want to find love in me and in another.

I want to call my parents everyday, to pray for their health, their joy. I want to be their rock, their inspiration.

I want to appreciate others and their success, to trust that God has a beautiful plan for every human on this earth, to trust that we are all here for a common divine purpose.

I want to have days where i wear a nice dress, and other days where i wear sweatpants and still feel beautiful.
I want to walk, tread but also run when the situation calls me to.
I want to be just me.

I want to win, to be the first at providing solutions, to make life bearable, to cry when things weigh me and to rejoice when things work out.

I want to put God first, to pray, to tithe, to trust and to let go the need to control everything.

I want to be a success, to be bold, to be more that what people see in me.
I want to follow my heart, my dreams, to listen to my intuition, to write and ignite the passions God gave me.

I want to be an inspiration, to make the lives of others better and to be kind to myself.
I want to have it all because there is no limit to how far I can go or how much I can achieve because I DESERVE IT ALL.

I want to come back here, to this article when I feel like am going back to that dark place, I want to read and reread this everyday, until I get to this place completely. To this place of love and light.

I want to have it all!
I hope you do too!

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