Nature Healed Me

Mt. Maunganui Beach

In those dark moments when my heart could not bare to face the world, i walked out into nature
I cried to the river
I asked for nature to hold me, and the breeze, the wind, the trees embraced me
Sometimes i smiled at the trees
How could they be so peaceful

I came back to the world and i started breaking again
Then i remembered the kindness of nature and every morning i run to nature
I worshiped nature, i tended to nature
I paid my respects to nature
I asked for forgiveness
I begged for mercy
I run when it called
For i was part of natures pain too

I cried my heart out and nature heard me
Then came the whispers
Like tremors of deep insight
And i listened
Over and over
And the pain slowly dissolved
I heard ‘let go’
But a part of me identified with the pain
Then came the deep insights over and over
I smiled

Part of me listened
And then i came back to the world
I was reminded of everything
I, however had more strength to face some things
But then came back the triggers
I run to nature
This time i went to the beach

I felt the sand touch my soul
And i sat there and listened to the waves
They kept coming with rhythm
Like a heart beating
The heart of the ocean
Then came the insecurities
The hate
The blame
I panicked
But then a wave hit me
And i awakened

I had walked miles reaching out
For someone, something to save me
And then nature led me to myself
And every time it whispered
‘ No one will ever save you’
‘ Return to yourself and you will find the strength you need in you’
And now i go back to nature to give thanks
To reduce the noise
The internal and external chatters
And nature whispers every time
‘You are what you are seeking’
‘Return to yourself’

If in pain, go to nature and you will heal.

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